Pratik Ghosh

Pratik Ghosh Interactive Designer

When trying to identify the stream of design he most relates to, Pratik often finds himself at a loss for words. When it comes to his craft, he functions as an almost hybrid designer, working at the cross roads of technology, science and design. It is this multidisciplinary approach to his work that sets the recent Royal College of Art graduate far apart form his contemporaries. For his final project at RCA, Pratik designed a home filtration system that is powered by herbs and purifies waste water from the kitchen. 

Pratik Ghosh

Drop by Drop

Drop by Drop features a beautiful glass dome, filled with a thicket of lush herbs. Pipes attached to the dome allow waste water to be poured into the system, and later collected post purification. A light inside the dome allows the plants to photosynthesize and transpire. Water is drawn through the roots and onto the leaves, as it vaporizes in the air. The moisture from the dome is condensed and collected to form purified distilled water, which can be made suitable for drinking by adding a dash of salt. Pratik lands at a win-win arrangement, as grey water from kitchens, baths and sinks get purified overnight and the room is filled with fresh oxygen. Tracing back the design process, he realizes that inspiration came from the idea of a mini version of the Amazon.

Pratik Ghosh

‘Human beings have taken water for granted since ages. Ancient civilizations have prospered and perished owing to overuse and exploitation of water. I believe that history can repeat itself if we do not take the right measures. Drop by Drop looks at our relationship with water, provokes and asks for new value systems to be set up before it is too late. My first piece of inspiration comes from an animated film that I made in 2010 while pursuing my undergrad degree at NID. The film talks about the lives and struggles of the people of the forests of Central India in the light of water and beliefs around it. I am inspired by the myths associated with water, the politics and most importantly the science behind it.’

Pratik Ghosh

Concept Note

When not in use, the pipes can be stoppered to create a self-sustaining ever green biosphere, as the microorganisms in the soil provide carbon di oxide for the plant and the herbs give them oxygen in return. ‘This reinstates the fact that nature doesn’t need us unless we take something from it. The moment we realize this, we will become more careful of our actions and choices.’

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Text Ritupriya Basu