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Joan Rai
I was Born and brought up in a normal Catholic middle class family in the beautiful hill station Darjeeling. I have always been different irrespective of my sexuality, physical appearance or other external features. I think it's something that came from within from my belief and understanding. I never fit in with anybody, nor did I ever try to. My parents never made me feel like I was any different from other children around me. I don’t even relate to the word queer, because growing up in Darjeeling I never felt queer. Your immediate environment or even the geography of your surroundings play a role in your ability to be adjusting, accepting.

Fashion for me is a language. I can communicate better through it. With fashion being so accessible and empowering these days, it can be a voice to a lot of people. Unconciously it has always been a part of me. When I grew up, I always looked for a way to express my voice through various mediums and fashion has always been an integral part of that. I was always intrigued by the concept and after a lot of self-searching and explaining, I finally chose it as a career. I experimented with fashion as it being more like art, allowing what I wore to express what I was feeling on the inside. And androgyny and gender fluidity has definitely had an effect on the things that made me feel comfortable.

I started this page to find a voice for myself to tell people my story.To tell people who I am, that I am much more than my gender. I wanted to define myself and not let anybody else define me on the basis of who they think I am. I have had all sorts of obstacles and contradictions with regards to the way that I look, I dress up, my sexuality, physical appearance or other external features. People always tend to comment, judge, stare and criticise upon my choice and  individuality. There are all sorts of audiences that you walk into. I didn't colour my hair or dress up for attention seeking neither did I for anybody's admiration, I coloured my hair for I feel confident, strong and my true self. I am very particular about the kind of work I do and post. My instagram feed is much more than just a portfolio or a medium to be popular, it's much more than that and is very personal to me. The best part about my chosen path is that, It lets me be who I truely am and has given me an audience who I can influence and tell my stories through fashion and photography to. I have become more and more confident about the way I look, I dress up and everyday I look in the mirror I see a person looking right back at me, telling me that you are doing exactly what you want to do. It is all about being yourself and doing things that you truely believe in amidst all the difficulties be it society, family, friends and being an individual of your choice and belief irrespective of what society expects you to become. It was more like a canvas where I could create. I have always been inspired by androgyny. How there  is no gender code that you have to follow to look In a certain way. You can wear whatever and be whatever gender you want to portray at any point of time. Fashion has given me that voice to show people and tell them that clothes have no gender.


Social media be it Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter is inevitably the biggest platform to put your voice forward in the easiest way possible, to influence and inspire people through various mediums of art, photography, music and so on. Instagram has given me an audience who I can influence and tell my stories through Fashion and Photography. To tell people that being different and weird, being gay or lesbian is ok. Its all about taking the things which is considered your weakness and making it your forte. Its all about accepting your own self. I just wanted to use my voice through visuals and imagery in Instagram and inspire and educate people about what androgyny is and how fashion is highly inspired by art and androgyny and what I truly stand for. I never started my instagram page to be famous or anything, it’s very personal to me. We as human beings have the right to choose what we want to do, what we want to become. I just wish that people would use their energy towards positivity.

There is a lot of thought process that goes through creating a post. For me it's all about telling a story; even if one person can understand and relate to it, that's enough for me.  I am very particular about the kind of work I do and and I am associated with. I cannot work or collaborate on any project unless I cannot relate to it. I have always found inspiration in different artists, fashion icons, music icons and so on. Androgyny, fashion, rock music, films, photography has had a great influence in who I am today. Lady Gaga, David Bowie, Ru Paul, Rihanna and Alexander McQueen have been my icons and inspirations.

It's very important for any artist be it in any genre to be true to oneself. It is all about believing in yourself and being who you are and what you want to be. Everyone in this world has their own stories. It’s only a matter of how we tell them. A writer writes it, a painter, paints it. I tell my story through fashion and imagery and for me, blogging or being an influencer is not just about showing people what you are wearing, what you are supposed to wear or where you are eating. Its much more than that.

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