Natania Lalwani

Natania Lalwani

Were you born in India and then moved abroad?
Yes! I lived in Mumbai till I was 17 and then moved to LA for music! Now I try to split my time between both - is bi-continental a thing? Haha! 

Is there any part of your ancestral roots do you try to bring into your music?
I just try to pour myself into my music without overthinking it so you can probably hear my roots with little kinks of the way I pronounce certain words and certain influences but I never want to to force anything in there, I let the authenticity come naturally! 

How would you describe your sensibility?
Pop music mixed with conversational lyrics and vulnerability. 

You have penned songs for artists like Miranda Glory, Stolar, Brooke Williams, Neo Noir...tell me about your journey so far?
I love writing for other people and being part of a journey with helping tell their story.  I actually also think I hid behind that for a couple of years due to fear of releasing my own artist stuff but when I wrote a song in 2017 called “Mess Me Up” I knew I had to release it as an artist, and ever since then I do both.
It’s so fulfilling to have such a pile of different kind of projects creatively, like I just released my new single “Yellow Lights”, recently sang the Lipton Ad campaign song for 2018 and also co- wrote my first Hindi song “Thug Ranjha” that came out with Sony Music India and they were all such fun experiences! 

You’re currently working on music for an Amazon show due to release in Feb...what does it entail?                    
Yes! That just wrapped up, it’s a project I’m so excited about. It’s an amazon prime show called “Four More Shots about 4 women filled with friendship, freedom and fun. I got to work on the music alongside Mikey McCleary, and did about 10-15 songs for the season! It comes out Jan 25th and cant wait for everyone to see it and hear the music! 

What else is in store for 2019 and beyond?                                                   
Im so excited about 2019 cause I have a ton of new music and different projects coming out starting with my next single “Kissing Mouths” featuring Not Famous that releases in February! 

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