Photo courtesy Karan Vaid

#ThrowbackThursday: Bharat Sikka

One of the most versatile Indian photographers, Bharat Sikka shares more about his captivating artistry.

Munem Wasif

Munem Wasif's first solo show, Jomin o Joban, seeks to depict the underlining politics that often governs geographical territories

How to Travel Light

Editor-turned-author Shreevatsa Nevatia on the complicated relationship a writer shares with his bipolarity

Profile of the Week

Photography by Ishika Mohan Motwane

Devashish Makhija Director, Ajji

Devashish Makhija talks about his filmmaking journey, the influences behind his upcoming feature release Ajji and everything else that's on his plate at the moment

Interview of the Week

Photography by Marie Planeille


A six-member band hailing from the Saharan region of Mali, Tinariwen's music took birth in a challenging conflict-ridden environment and is now touring the world

'I don't think I'm going to be at all famous, I don't think I could handle it. I would probably go mad.'

Amy Winehouse, Singer-Songwriter

Short Take

Short Take

Pablo Batholomew, Photographer

First memory of photography?
Age five - watching my father develop contact prints by gaslight on our summer holidays in the hills. 

The one incident that has most influenced you?
Being expelled from school. 

The living person you would most like to photograph?
The Dalai Lama.

If the world were ending in 10 minutes time what would you do?
Have a Charminar!

The one artist from any genre who you can't stop admiring?
Satyajit Ray. 

Film Issue 2017

  • pg. 19

    Cover Story

    Rajkumar Rao and his acting journey.

  • pg. 25


    Eight films. Eight Narratives.

  • pg. 43


    Four filmmakers that have both written and directed their screenplays.

  • pg. 62


    Designers decoded: Johnny Ganta,The Brinery, Parth Sharma.

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    From the underbelly of the city to the world of rap: Divine's journey.

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    Kanza Fatima's emotional journey through the month of Muharram.

  • pg. 81


    Aliya Rashid and her brainchild Wonderflip.

  • pg. 87


    THE TRIP. Lensed by photographer PAT.

  • pg. 130

    3 Minutes

    We ask Dayanita Singh some offbeat questions.

  • pg. 120

    Life's Realities

    Inside Vaishali Sinha’s film, ASK THE SEXPERT.

  • pg. 132


    Jai Wolf on his music, collaborations and upcoming EP.

  • pg. 149


    A look at these Micro restaurants that are taking over the world.