Tashan Mehta The Liar's Weave

Tashan Mehta’s debut, The Liar’s Weave, at once leaves you fascinated, intrigued and full of wonder with its vivid imagination.

3 Oddball Zines We Love

From the shelves of Bombay Underground's rapidly growing zine movement, come three self- published zines that are just eccentric enough to deserve several reads.

When Chai Met Toast

A simple band answers some tough questions about artists, albums and arenas amongst other things pure music.


Sid Khanna & Tanvi Gupta Nariyal Paani

Sid and Tanvi share what creates their sound, inspired thinking and eclectic audience.

"We love, and yet whatever we love [a person, a place, a time, an idea of ourselves] is absolutely conditional and bound to change."

George Saunders

Short Take

Short Take

Kunal Nayyar, Actor

Describe yourself in one line.
I never grew up. I’m still living life like a little boy. 

What was your first job?
Acting in plays and TV ads. 

What is the one ritual in life you can’t do away with?

An event from the past that has most influenced you?
Saying goodbye to my family when I left home.

Three things people will be surprised to know about Kunal Nayyar.
Golf addict. I grew up playing badminton. I got sick moves on the dance floor.


When Chai Met Toast

Music Issue 2017

  • pg. 38


    Lucy Rose shares how she found her voice and made it the world's.

  • pg. 20

    Cover Story

    Kavya and Maalavika, two fresh new voices, get to know each other.

  • pg. 23

    Best of Fest

    The founders of three of India's biggest alternative festivals.

  • pg. 31

    Girls On A Song

    Meet some of India's most exciting, young, indie voices.

  • pg. 48


    Here are three young designers who've got our attention.

  • pg. 54


    Director Ravi Udyawar on what led him to his debut feature.

  • pg. 72


    Tashan Mehta on what went into her debut book, The Liar's Weave.

  • pg. 64


    Photographer Nirvair Singh Rai captures The Rohingyas of Myanmar.

  • pg. 104


    Ashim Ahluwalia takes us behind his vision for Daddy.

  • pg. 79

    Life's Realities

    The true-life tale of a boy born into a cremation community in Benaras

  • pg. 84

    Style - Toki Doki

    A collectors zine where Bharat Sikka captures street style in Tokyo.

  • pg. 108


    A three minute venture into the mind of actor Vinay Pathak.