Smileswithteeth Frontman, Gabriel Gutierrez

All you need to know about a new dream-pop project from Los Angeles.

ParulScape at Bikaner House

This Friday Bikaner House opens up their space for a few rediscovered mundane moments snatched from the streets.

Kushanava Choudhury

In his debut book, Kushanava writes about Calcutta in the 20th Century, and his fraught attachment to the city.


The Heritage Project

Isobel Mehta

In an illustrated series, Isobel Mehta reimagines her Zoroastrian family's journey from India to the UK.


A State of Freedom Neel Mukherjee

Award-winning author Neel Mukherjee gives us a preview of his new book, A State of Freedom.

"Music is all about rediscovering myself, pushing my boundaries and digging up emotions that I didn’t even know existed somewhere deep within me."

Lucy Rose, Singer-Songwriter

Short Take

Short Take

Karsh Kale, Musician

Contextualize yourself in one line?
One universal language.

First memory of music?
Hearing Stevie Wonder playing in a passing car in Queens when I was three-years-old. 

The one ritual you can’t do away with?
Putting on my headphones before going to bed to remind myself why I am going to wake up again tomorrow.

First realization of the 21st Century?
Probably that I was drunk. 

The Shaman & The Singer

Zoya Mohan

Music Issue 2017

  • pg. 38


    Lucy Rose shares how she found her voice and made it the world's.

  • pg. 20

    Cover Story

    Kavya and Maalavika, two fresh new voices, get to know each other.

  • pg. 23

    Best of Fest

    The founders of three of India's biggest alternative festivals.

  • pg. 31

    Girls On A Song

    Meet some of India's most exciting, young, indie voices.

  • pg. 48


    Here are three young designers who've got our attention.

  • pg. 54


    Director Ravi Udyawar on what led him to his debut feature.

  • pg. 72


    Tashan Mehta on what went into her debut book, The Liar's Weave.

  • pg. 64


    Photographer Nirvair Singh Rai captures The Rohingyas of Myanmar.

  • pg. 104


    Ashim Ahluwalia takes us behind his vision for Daddy.

  • pg. 79

    Life's Realities

    The true-life tale of a boy born into a cremation community in Benaras

  • pg. 84

    Style - Toki Doki

    A collectors zine where Bharat Sikka captures street style in Tokyo.

  • pg. 108


    A three minute venture into the mind of actor Vinay Pathak.