Divyam Mehta

The Black Monk Collection

Divyam Mehta

Known for his avant-garde designs and curious ideas, Divyam Mehta is a Delhi-based fashion designer who has won various accolades ever since he charmed the world with his debut at the Will’s India Fashion Week in March 2010. A melange of diverse traditions from India as well as the rest of the world, his designs are an ode to the modern man. His latest collection The Black Monk is his successful attempt at providing adequate vision to the ideas in his mind. It draws inspiration from the layering and draping styles of the Buddhist Monks in predominantly black and cement grey colours. 
The Black Monk is a deeply rooted collection; it blends a Japanese technique of dying with inspiration from the works of French artist Jean Degottex. 

Three words that describe your sense of style?
Crafted, soulful, minimalist.

What drives your ethos?
Textures, textiles, craft, construction, locals clothing style.    

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection The Black Monk?
It was perceived at a recent visit to Dharamshala monasteries, the clothing style of the monks was so intriguing. Simplistic pieces of clothing put together in such interesting ways. 

Divyam Mehta

The entire collection draws from a monochrome palette. Was this a preconceived decision?
We always love monochromes and tonals, so that was a natural direction.

How do you translate your intangible ideas into something more tangible?
It’s a process which discloses itself at every step.

What materials have you explored in your latest collection?
Heavy weight dupion silks, handloom matka, handloom merino wool and Italian wool.

Divyam Mehta

Are there any trends on your radar that you think might blow up in the upcoming season?
Silhouette and prints is the key.
How has the works of French artist Jean Degottex influenced the sensibility of this collection?
“Nothing before, nothing after, it's all in the doing”– that’s how Degottex describes his work. Apart from the his artworks, this quality of appreciating the process of creation is something very inspiring.

First memory of ever creating something?
Greeting cards from fabric scraps as a kid.

What’s next? Are you currently working on anything new?
Spring Summer 2018–where we are looking at pottery for some textures and prints. 

Text Pankhuri Shukla