Avani Rai
Avani Rai and Raghu Rai

Avani Rai

Making a documentary on of the most prolific and iconic photographers is no easy feat. With an archive that spans from Indira Gandhi’s Rule to the Bhopal Gas tragedy to Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama and India as a whole is more than difficult to fit in 55 minutes. Avani Rai decided she needed to celebrate her father Raghu Rai’s India and more importantly explore her relationship with her father.

Avani Rai on her father:

The father: talks to you on the same level. He is very equal

The friend: my best friend 

The mentor: is a friend now

The subject: during the film was very difficult as he was trying to be helpful but at the same time he would have his opinion. 

The photographer: is still very far away as when he is shooting there is no connect as he is his own man and he does not need anybody – he is very disconnected from the world and at the time no body matters. When he is not shooting he is another person. On the other hand he as a photographer is very detached like he can walk away from a situation and tragedy and keep shooting, it could be cause of experience or maybe he thinks this is the way to go.

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Avani Rai