‘The writing is the key’ 

‘The writing is the key’  Anurag Kashyap, Sacred Games 2

As Sacred Games 2 turns on its play, director Anurag Kashyap is clear that his work will not be dictated by who may think what of it – as it never has been. Of course, he shares, ‘Season 2 was more challenging and anxiety ridden since there were expectations . It was also much bigger. I also had to expand my own boundaries to be able to shoot some of the emotionally more difficult scenes,’ but he kept his focus right where it mattered – at the heart of the story – even as it grew along the way.


What distinguishes a good series as the web space gets crowded with more content?
When it stops catering to the perceived expectation of the invisible viewer and maintains its integrity, and is a story told well. The writing is the key.

What has been the biggest challenge while directing and producing web series vis-a-vis films?
You have to get them curious first, then keep them intrigued, then get them invested and satisfy in the end. That’s how a series has to be done. You have to work hard to keep them watching for a longer period of time.

‘The writing is the key’ 

The story or narrative evolves along the way as it is a long production schedule. As a rule do you follow what's writ in stone or do you allow for flexibility?
I like the flexibility. The narrative grows as you shoot and then when you edit. I don’t always follow what’s written but I also don’t stray too far.

A crew tale you'd never forget from the schedule.
Nawaz is scared of cold water and he had to swim in the ocean which was at 7 degrees. So I had to tell him the water is warm by being in it myself. I carried him on my shoulder so as to make sure he doesn’t touch the water to find out it’s cold, and then I dropped him in it and asked him to swim back to the blanket. And shot as he swam back.

‘The writing is the key’ 

What made you collaborate with Neeraj in Season 2?
I was happy and proud to be collaborating with Neeraj, though the decision was taken by Vikramaditya Motwane and Varun Grover. I was happy with it. I gifted him my favorite shoes as a metaphor for him being in my shoes.

How do two creative super brains - you and Vikramaditya Motwane - sort out their differences?
We don’t. One gives in to the other. In this case I would give in to him since he is the show runner. But not without a fight.

Text Soumya Mukerji