Aaron Pinto

Aaron Pinto Illustrator & Drummer

Bright colours for gory ideas; what goes in the mind of a true metalhead.


Bodice Ruchika Sachdeva

Bringing the Woolmark Prize title home, Ruchika Sachdeva deconstructs her award winning line.


Siddharth Chauhan

The filmmaker's short film earned a coveted premiere spot at the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival. Shining the light on his story.

A moment of love and affection amid the mourning of the Muharram Majlis at the Sa-adat Ali Khan Tomb, Lucknow
Participants mourn by touching and praying at the Tazia before its burail at the Karbala, Talkatora, Lucknow
Women carrying the Tazia, a replica of the tomb of Imam Husain, sent from the homes of these women to the Indian Karbala in Talkatora, where they are buried to remember the battle of Karbala, Iran.
Indian Shia Muslims touching the holy white horse known as 'Dulbul' which is said to be the horse of Imam Hussain, whose death is mourned in the month of Muharram.
A woman mourns at the local Mujlis after listening to Karbala's battle scenario recited by the Mulla.

Take 5

Take 5

Shashi Tharoor
Writer, Politician

Contextualize yourself in one line?
An engaged human being.

The first job you were hired for?
Writing a commissioned article for a magazine.

The first controversy you were dragged into?
The first one was this cattle class business.

An event from the past that has most influenced you?
The Emergency.

The one artist who you can’t stop admiring?
P G Wodehouse.

'Photography for me, now, is no longer about the connect. For me, the totality of the whole image is far more important.'

Bharat Sikka

Reema Sengupta

All you need to know about the only film representing India at the ongoing Sundance Film Festival.

The Micro Restaurant

Intimate, exclusive and very personal – the micro restaurant, with its counted tables and chef's attention, is pampering its guests with tailormade experiences

Video of The Week

Pashi Trailer | Siddharth Chauhan

Arts Issue 2018

  • pg. 19


    Cover Story

    Nikhil Chopra on what informs his brilliant practice.

  • pg. 24



    In conversation with the fourth curator of Kochi Biennale, Anita Dube.

  • pg. 31


    Three very important Photo Festivals deconstructed by their founders.

  • pg. 43



    Four very intriguing artists/photographers on their debut shows.

  • pg. 69


    Debut filmmaker, Tabrez Noorani throws like on global sex trafficking.

  • pg. 74


    A designer, writer, traveller, dreamer, enthusiast, Rymn Massand.

  • pg. 78


    Designers Decoded: The Ghost Collective, Somya Arif and Oshadi.

  • pg. 87


    The inimitable Nandita Das on her next big film, Manto.

  • pg. 96

    3 Minutes

    Bollywood's veteran in wit, Boman Irani.

  • pg. 100


    A dark, silent tale lensed by Soham Gupta.

  • pg. 126


    Wiz Khalifa on his musical calling and his new album.

  • pg. 141


    Best artist residencies from around the world.