Nestled in the beauty of the One Style Mile district, with a beautiful view of the Qutub Minar, ROOH is a culinary delight like no other. Chef Sujan Sarkar's award-winning San Francisco fine dining restaurant has recently opened in Delhi and is already one of the best in the city. We took a nice corner of the restaurant that also doubles as a private dining room to delve into the the beautiful food that was ahead of us. 

ROOH R: Lamb Burrah

L: Yogurt Chaat and Qutub One

R: Lamb Burrah

We began with a few artisanal cocktails and our favourite from the lot was Qutub One. Qutub one is a barrel aged whiskey based cocktail, perfect with a bitter undertone. Then began the arrival of food, starting with the Yogurt Chaat which is perhaps one of the best deconstructed versions of the traditional street chaat we have ever tasted. The texture was light and airy and yet all the flavours of the chaat were perfectly in place. From the Non Vegetarian Appetisers we ordered the Malai Tikka Terrine and the Lamb Burrah. The brilliance of these dishes left us absolutely mesmerised. The Malai Tikka, a chicken based dish, is a normal malai tikka elevated to the realm of the extraordinary by applying the techniques of how a terrine is cooked. Similarly the Lam Burrah, with its delicious interplay of Burrah spices and succulent Australian lamb chops was an absolute treat.

ROOH Khameeri Rotis

Cuts of Tandoori Chicken, Red Pepper Makhni, Tapioca; Saffron Polenta, Wild Mushroom, Reblochon with

Khameeri Rotis

After being thoroughly impressed by the appetisers, our expectations from the mains were very high and the food definitely matched all of them. From the Vegertarian Mains menu we ordered the Saffron Polenta with Wild Mushroom and Reblochon and the Baked Potato. The Polenta was exceptionally delicious and a very uniquely prepared dish, full of Reblochon cheesy goodness. From the Non Vegetarian Mains menu we ordered the Cuts of Tandoori Chicken with Red Pepper Makhni and Tapioca, which was outstanding. The dish really eulogised the beauty of tandoori chicken and managed to delight our taste buds like no other dish ever has. 


Thandai Panacotta

Finally, to add the cherry on top of the cake, the Thandai Panacotta for dessert was an absolute winner. With perfect ambience, beautiful decor, vivacious food and the Qutub Minar in the distance, ROOH is the perfect culinary destination for every food enthusiast. They also have a chef’s tasting menu which has been highly praised and we definitely recommend it!

Text Nidhi Verma