The Stand Up Edit

The Stand Up Edit

It isn't easy to make a room full of people laugh to one's tunes but these three have always managed it with finesse. Life maybe a giant mess at the moment but everything becomes a bit better when infused with some rib-tickling humour with a pinch of sass on the side. The ones who make us laugh against all odds share some of their quirks with us. Read on to know more about the funny men and woman, Anuvab Pal, Radhika Vaz and Vir Das :

Anuvab Pal
Three things people don’t know about you... 
I hate planes, love the supermarket and the chicken tikka masala in London. 

Freedom for you means?
Eating all the biryani I want. 

Why do you do what you do?
I have no vocational skills, like being an eye surgeon, welder or Meru driver. If I could earn a living with my hands, an honest wage, I would not use jokes. 

Radhika Vaz
Three things people will be surprised to know about Radhika Vaz.%u2028
I am very cranky and can only suppress it around strangers.%u2028I have fillings in pretty much every molar and will probably be toothless before I need reading glasses. I look down when I walk because I am paranoid about tripping. So I can’t look up and admire anything when walking around a new city. 

Freedom for you means
Being able to say no 

The best thing about being a stand-up comic?
No one expects you to have anything serious to say so you can get away with quite a lot. 

Vir Das
Contextualize yourself in one line
Funny, brown, edgy and inexplicably cute. And modest.

People will be surprised to know that Vir is…
Quite serious in real life.

People will be surprised to know that Vir isn’t?
A 6’3” Greek God with huge biceps as you imagine. I hope