Class Sikh

Class Sikh Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep is a young wordsmith who has set out on a mission to tell people his stories though Punjabi rap with the occasional English melody or line thrown in. A rising star of the underground hip hop scene, he is a voice to watch out for. He tells me his story. 

To begin with—could you tell me how and when did your journey in music begin?
I started as a b-boyer, started listening to break beat, found another element of Hip Hop i.e, Emceeing and later got introduced to the genre close to eight years back. 

What is your first memory of music? 
Bhangra music has had me dancing to its beats since I was a kid. I remember dancing on my bed everyday when I came back from school. That’s how I became a BBoy. 

Through your music, you talk a lot of drug abuse from the part of the society you grew up in. How are you planning to change the situation? 
From the place I come from, I have seen kids being abused...drugs being their medium of feeling free. Such dark moments in my life affected me on many levels. Music became my outlet, through which I wanted to tell our story to the world. I don’t know how can I change that, but may be when everyone listens to my story through my music, something good comes out of it.

Could you briefly tell me about your musical collaborations? 
I did a couple of collaborations but nothing highlighted my career as such, like I did some projects here and there with Delhi Sultanate and other musicians.

What does music do to you?
Music is like sex to me, It gives me pleasure. 

Who are the people who influence you?
My mother, ZaN Twoshadez, Sez and anyone with a positive plan. 

What’s next?
We are going to start our Class-Sikh tour in Feb. Another LP this year or maybe the next.

Text Hansika Lohani Mehtani