On the internet, we are always on a trawl of unheard voices and hidden soundwaves. One such seek to the darkest depths of this medium lead me to Dot. [aka Aditi], a student of music and creative writing in Bangor University in Wales. It is possible that you might not have heard Everybody Dances to Techno by Dot but the people, who shared it across their social media handles extensively, definitely would have hummed the tunes into their dreams. Aditi wrote this when she hadn’t pulled out her salsa heels and gone out dancing for ages. While she acknowledges the sudden spike in the views and shares of her videos online, the impending exams have always been a larger concern. ‘All the love is definitely overwhelming, but I have come to the decision that I will take things slowly as they come instead of chasing after attention. I want to do more small gigs around Bangor and Delhi, and take as much learning as I can out of every experience. I know it sounds very cheesy but yeah I'm in no hurry and want to do well on my degree,’ she affirms. 

Dot. has no qualms in admitting that she has no idea what her ‘sound’ really is, or that she doesn’t have a particular songwriting/creative process. She just has moments where she really just needs a piano. ‘These days my life consists of going to lectures, practicing and weekends in pubs. And of course there are the Tuesday open mics!’, she is unpredictable like that. ‘There are times when Peggy Lee can woo me with her smoothness and others when Kaleo's lead singer belts out the most perfect imperfection and my knees go to jelly.’

Aditi hasn’t really poured herself into any of her songs yet. Music and writing and art just seem to happen. Inspiration to her comes from things like good weather, breeze. ‘I love cycling and exploring new towns. I write better when I'm happy, so it's odd when people try to console me when I'm sad because when I'm sad I write mushy cliché crap.’ 

Aditi’s voice and song-writing edge is unmissible. This will be another beautiful story, and we can’t wait to hear more of her own. Most recently she’s been planning to run a drum circle, working on a script for a musician and alongside writing songs for her mother’s play and is helping run a few Acapella groups. 

Text Hansika Lohani Mehtani