Your Chin

Cover Art by Sanjay Ramachandran

Your Chin

Raxit Tewari has been making electronic/alternative music since 2005. Also the year he'd become the vocalist for Medusa, an electro/post-punk act which in just six short years would turn into the genre-defining Sky Rabbit. Having made his mark in the indie circuit, the Mumbai-based frontman felt it was about time he experimented with the genre he’d been excelling in for more than a decade. Thus emerged his solo-project, Your Chin that combined various sounds with urban lyrics and muddy beats to deliver a lively, danceable twist to electro-pop. 3 EPs and several live gigs and festivals later, Your Chin has a dedicated fan base and great reviews to its credit. Raxit discusses what he’s been upto, starting with his latest EP. 

Peeping Till It’s Noise was a collection of songs I wrote through the course of 2015. After Scatter Nature, I wanted to write songs which were production wise, a little more concise and all the musical layers a little more coherent. An increased indulgence in social media and such feeds also informed little bits that made their way into the EP.’

Many were intrigued by the seemingly abstract illustration cover art that the album showcased. Designed by Sanjay Ramachandran, he explains the meaning behind a most curious album cover- ‘Very simply, I wanted to portray a gecko talking to his own larynx. A sort of symbol for a feedback loop or how quickly anything can turn into noise these days. Sanjay Ramachandran got this perfectly and gave it a visual identity that not only portrayed the idea but also brought it very close to the sound of the record.’

Your Chin Photography by Misha Ghose

Photography by Misha Ghose

Three things that influence your music?
Twitches, tumbles and time.

Do you prefer performing at concerts or intimate gigs? 
Both concerts and intimate gigs can be quite exciting. There’s a larger than life quality to a concert with the huge sound and a massive stage which is quite thrilling yet sometimes you can have some beautiful moments with a small crowd at a club.

If you could rename your solo project, what name would you choose?
Unfair Athletics. Sadly, it’s already with someone. 

Are there any other genres of music you’d like to experiment with?
As many as I can, I guess. I would've been a bounty hunter if not a musician anyway. 

The biggest misconception that people have about electro-pop?
That it ends with the Top 40s and that’s there’s no wiggle room. Most people perceive pop music to be quite transient. 

A performance of yours, that has been your most memorable one till date?
The launch tour for Peeping Till It’s Noise last year with Oblique helming the visual rig was a great run of gigs.

An artist that you think has been a game-changer for electronica music? 
 There’ve been so many through the years.

Describe Your Chin in less than five words. 
Bristly and not double yet.  

Your all-time favourite music album?
That’s a really hard one. I keep going back to Kid A ever so often. 

A live performance that you would never miss?
Brian Eno at Havelock

The best thing about 2017 so far?
It isn’t over yet.

Indeed the year is yet to pass us by, but a lot has already happened for the artist’s electronica/indie-pop solo act including a live performance at Tokyo’s 1000 Springs music lounge. Talking about his time in the city, Raxit adds, ‘Tokyo was excellent. I’d want to be back there as soon as I possibly can. It’s always such a thrill to take the set to a completely new place. People at 1000 Springs were extremely warm and welcoming. I had a blast playing the set there.’

And regarding what’s next for Your Chin - ‘I’m currently working on finishing the writing bits for the next release. I’m also collaborating and producing songs for a couple of friends.’

Your Chin’s latest album, Peeping Till It’s Noise is available here.

Text Shristi Singh