Futura at PUMAXSneakerpimps in Pune


Futura, the pseudonym of Lenny McGurr, is an American graffiti artist best known for his abstract approach to street art. Born in New York, he began painting on the walls of its subway system as a teenager in the early 1970s, and over the course he made history in American graffiti by the 80s and also began to work on canvas. He suggests an alternative to the classic letter work, through the creation of a more abstract style. With forty years of art in the industry he has pioneered street art across the globe. Today, the graffiti legend collaborates with contemporary and a new generation of urban artists who wish to make street art a part of history of arts.

We caught up with him at PUMAxSneakerpimps that was hosted in Pune & Delhi to celebrate 50 years of PUMA Suede, which also saw a live art installation by the man himself. 

Futura Futura at PUMAXSneakerpimps India tour

Futura at PUMAXSneakerpimps India tour

What is your first memory of art?
I remember going to the Museum of Modern Art as a child and seeing a Jackson Pollack painting. I guess that was my first taste.

When and how did you begin your journey as a graffiti artist? 
In the summer of 1970, FUTURA2000 was born, and let’s be clear, at that time in the New York City subway system; we were called graffiti writers. It would be a few more years until we started to think of ourselves as graffiti artists, and subsequently, street artists. Which I guess makes sense, since the movement had progressively surfaced.

How was your visit to India been like?
This is my third visit to incredible India! I think a previous visit to Kashmir and specifically, the ski resort in Gulmarg was amazing. 

Futura Futura at PUMAXSneakerpimps in Pune

Futura at PUMAXSneakerpimps in Pune

In the summer of 1970 when Futura 2000 was born, we were called 'graffiti writers'. It would be much later we started to think of ourselves as graffiti artists and subsequently, street artists.

What are your thoughts on the Indian art scene? 
I don’t know much and missed an opportunity to participate in an event with St*art India a few years ago. However, I am very excited to see and support all the artists, boys and girls who have adopted this culture and made it their own. 

Have you associated with Peter before for sneaker pimps? And how does it feel to be a part of a sneaker tour like this?
This is maybe my seventh collaboration with Peter Fahey and SneakerPimps. They have all been so great and let’s hope it’s not the last!

Text Garima Gupta