A River Runs Through You

An episode in the memory of a myopic convergence

A River Runs Through You

A series of painted drawings that are a reflection of inhabitants on earth synergising and aligning to a notion of being still- an adaptation, alteration to a way of being. The times we live in have brought about a massive standstill to our ability to move. There is a constant interaction with the outer world, an environment that fuels our senses and creates life patterns explored freely. With geological changes and the dystopic times that we live in, this freedom is confined to a limited exposure to diverse terrains. These artworks are inspired by the 17th century Magic Lantern projected slides, containing life forms within them and reflecting an epoch of uncertainty at the inset of the anthropocene. The engagement of all our senses create an ability to meander into the unknown which has now turned inward. The chaos that has ensued from stillness this time and not from outer exploration has resulted in a burst of inward terrains.

Recognising of the fragile workings of our bloodstreams and not just the rivulets creating patterns for us to traverse upon with a tiny pebble. But instead an immersion into our memories. The memory of the outer environment co-existing, aligning and dispersing or joining. The mystery of the future unknown to us is all a looming question mark.

Each organism now exists separately from the other, forced to introspect they are in a submarine of their memories and aware of their slow/ rapid movements. Communication is now through reflection, reaching into the green meadows of the fecund pastures that once were constantly watered by outer interaction.

A River Runs Through You Far From Wonder

Far From Wonder